Importance of Root Development

As you are beginning to consider the approaching holidays and what you can take to your family reunions and parties during the holiday season, your lawn is also expecting to get its final ultimate meal in the fall season known as fertilizers. If you fertilize them during this time, you can be guaranteed that your lawn will get proper root development for the upcoming spring season. Here are the following reasons why: 

Spring head start 

Late autumn fertilization will let your lawn to save nutrients. The saved nutrients will help jumpstart and strengthen your lawn spring comes. As a bonus, a lusher and greener lawn will inherently repel more weeds, which makes your spring lawn maintenance tasks way simpler to do and complete.  

Winter resiliency 

Winter is not easy on grass as well given its ice, snow, and freezing temperatures. Fertilizing your grass in the fall can help them keep up their root development. This extra development will aid the lawn while it gets ready to switch into a dormancy state in the coldest seasons, which makes it even better, stronger, and more capable endure to extreme winter situations.  

Recovery from the summer stress 

While yards tend to appear the best during the spring season, grasses usually get a hard time during the summer months. The stressors that come during this time involve low or not precipitation and high heat. A fertilizer treatment given during fall will provide your grass the ultimate nutrients boost to help them recuperate from the harsh weather condition of summer.  

Nutrient storage 

When it comes to lawns, the roots are considered as its heart. If the lawn lacks strong roots, sustaining a healthy lawn throughout the extreme winter season will be challenging. During the fall season, fertilizing your lawn can help it be boosted with its much-needed nutrients. Such nutrients are crucial to help the root development be continued into November and December. This additional development can aid in preparing the grass if it gets ready to become dormant during the coldest seasons. As much as you can, don’t forget to mow your yard before you apply fertilizers.  

Loving your lawn 

When it comes to doing your lawn care chores, loving your lawn is actually a year-round commitment and affair. Though fertilizing during the autumn season is crucial, this is just one of the several important chores that you must do and commit throughout the 4 different seasons throughout the year. This just means that you always have to do something when it comes to your lawn regardless of what season of the year you are in. Hence, it would just be easier to do these lawn tasks if you genuinely love your lawn. Remember that if you diligently do crucial lawn tasks, you can guarantee greater root development of your grass or plants. This will eventually lead to healthier and lusher grass.  

Consult with the garden experts 

Should you have any concerns or you want to raise some clarifications regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to consult with the best garden care experts in town today.  


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